Here are some of the Best Tips for an Amazing Product Photography

Product photography is one of my favourite type of photography. You can take an ordinary object and make it look extraordinary. The key to product photography is knowing exactly where the light will hit, what shadows will it create and how the background will look like. Figuring this out will make a huge difference in commercial and product photography.

The Process – Taking Photos Indoors

For these shots, I made sure I had the light hitting at an angle from above towards the border of one side of the product. I did it to create a highlighted part of the product and draw attention to it. Also, it created a shadow area on the other side of the product to create a more dimensional and dynamic image.

Combining the product with elements that will add texture to the image will result in amazing shots and even tell a story. This will grab the viewer’s attention and generate more impact and that is essential in product photography.

Taking Photos Outdoors

When taking photos outdoors, the key is to expose the background first and then add a light to the product, it can be with a reflector or a Speedlight or anything that will balance the light from the background and the product. We do this so we don’t have blown out skies or background but the light is perfectly balanced. I recommend looking into Hubspot for more tips


Helpful Info for tips for product photography:

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