The Best Way to Have a Studio Quality Imaginary Black Background ANYWHERE

You can get studio quality imaginary black background anywhere without the need of backdrops or being at a studio. Sometimes as photographers, we want to have that nice pure black background but we can’t carry a black backdrop all the time or we are in a hurry and setting it up would take too long. Follow these steps to get that nice studio-quality imaginary black background.

CarlosBolivar-Studio Quality Imaginary Black Background-Bass

First Tip to Have a Studio Quality Imaginary Black Background:

Use an external light source like an out of camera flash or a strobe. This will allow you to control where the light will be coming from and where it’s going to hit. Also, make sure you snoot the light with a modifier so you focus all the light in one spot and there is no spill light in the background.

Second Tip to Have a Studio Quality Imaginary Black Background:

Use manual mode in your camera. You want to make sure you control the exact amount of light that your camera is capturing, so you want to have around 1/200 of a second, at ISO 100 and depending on the amount of ambient light around you you want to have a closed aperture of around f/8 and above. Also, make sure you use high power in your flash or strobe, somewhere around 1/1 to 1/8.


CarlosBolivar-Studio Quality Imaginary Black Background

Third Tip to Have a Studio Quality Imaginary Black Background:

Check your surroundings. you don’t want to have a direct light source in your backgrounds like a lamp or a very bright reflection. Also, avoid placing your subject close to walls that would reflect easily the light, like white walls.

CarlosBolivar-Studio Quality Imaginary Black Background-Old-Camera


CarlosBolivar-Studio Quality Imaginary Black Background-Double-Color

Lastly, have fun creating images with studio-quality imaginary black background, and get creative. Here Caryn Esplin has more examples using this technique.

Here is a helpful link:

Low Key Lighting, Highly Dramatic Photography


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