The Process to Create a Surrealist Photograph

For me, surrealism in art and literature involves creating images that use elements of reality but merges them with abstract characteristics to portray a message. Surrealism is one of my favorite movements in art, for the following images, I found inspiration in artists like Salvador Dali, René Magritte, and Igor Morski.

To start creating photo composites using the movement of surrealism in photography, let’s take a look at these two pieces of art in particular from René Magritte, and Igor Morski.

Rene Magritte - The Double Secret

Rene Magritte – The Double Secret


Igor Morski

Igor Morski

Using these two images as inspiration, I decided to make my version. First, I took a few portraits using 2 out of camera flashes. One of them illuminated the back of my subject and had a grid and a green gel. The other one had a diffusion panel on it and illuminated the front of my subject.

Carlos Bolivar - Surrealism in photography-before

Carlos Bolivar - Surrealism in photography-before

After I got these two portraits, I made a few color correction using Adobe Lightroom. I added some contrast and intensified a bit of the colors. Then, I exported them into Adobe Photoshop to do all the photo montage and photo composites to create surrealism in photography.

Carlos Bolivar - Surrealism in photography-1

Carlos Bolivar – Mother Nature

Carlos Bolivar - Surrealism in photography-3

Carlos Bolivar – Thoughts

It’s a great process to create photo composites and create surrealism in photography. It takes time, practice and trial and error, but the results can be amazing. Here you can learn more about surrealism from Artsy. Also, check this link to see other examples about photo composites and surrealism in photography:

Surrealist Photography


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