Here is what my branding means to me

The logo reflects who I am, a photographer with a modern, out of the ordinary style. I believe in being different and I try to do things differently than everyone else.

The colors in my branding represent professionalism, as well as elegance and a bit of fanciness. I believe in being professional and elegant in my style. Combine the colors with the typeface and you get a modern style.

The business card represents well my branding, having a combination of modern, elegant, minimalistic but stylish branding. Here is also an example of what the logo looks like in a T-shirt, which is a great way to own and promote the branding, as people start to recognize it.

The watermark is important, it shows that I am the creator of the image and it can’t be used without my permission. This has to go in the bottom right preferably and be clear enough that people will recognize it’s there.

The Daily Egg mention some important info that could help you

Also, here is another helpful link:

The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand


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