Using Long Exposure to Make Fun Outdoor Light Painting

Long exposure is a fun way to create amazing effects in photography. To make it, make sure you have your camera on a steady tripod and use long shutter speeds, like 5″ for example.

Carlos-Bolivar---Outdoor Light-Painting-Skate

The idea of making this type of long exposures is to have fun and play with the light. For this, make sure you have different sources of light of different colors that you can move around at will, this will help you get movement and light trails.

Carlos-Bolivar---Outdoor Light-Painting- Kneeling

Plan ahead. when working on your light painting photos, make sure you have an idea of where you want the subject to be? Where do you want the light trails? what will the surroundings look like? This will help you get a starting point when making long exposure light painting and will make the process easier.

Carlos-Bolivar---Outdoor Light-Painting-2 colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment though when making long exposure light painting. The idea is to have fun and get crazy results at the end. Move the light up and down, right to left, make circles, get far and then closer to the camera.

Carlos-Bolivar---Outdoor Light-Painting-Circled rainbow

Outdoor long exposure light painting is about that light trail, so move a lot and make it pop. an advice when making long exposure light painting is make sure when you are moving the light, that there is no light reflecting in you or the person moving the light around. So make sure to point the light away facing the camera while positioning you or whoever is moving the light behind it in the shadows.

Carlos-Bolivar--Outdoor Light-Painting-Skate

Now have fun! Here are some examples that will help you get inspired for your next long exposure light painting photo-shoot!

Carlos-Bolivar---Outdoor Light-Painting- Queen Pose


Carlos-Bolivar---Outdoor Light-Painting- Dramatic Rainbow


Carlos-Bolivar---Outdoor Light-Painting-Ghost Effect


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