My Photo at the Fine Art Exhibition In the BYU-Idaho Spori Building

On November 14, 2019, I had the opportunity to publish one of my fine art photographs at an exhibition in the foyer of the BYU-I’s Spori building. It’ll be there for a few weeks for anyone interested to visit. It is a photograph I did where I used the technique of light painting and long exposure. I wrote an article about the process I used that you can find here.

Carlos Bolivar Fine Art Exhibition

To create the fine art image and have it ready for the exhibition, I used Adobe Lightroom to adjust general settings like contrast, color, highlights, and shadows. I then used Adobe Photoshop to do dodging and burning and to sharpen the image for printing. I wanted to emphasize the golden feel I got from the image and being my main subject the golden bracelets, I decided to make the image have that golden tone with some light blues for color contrast and balance. I named my photo “Oro,” which means -gold- in Spanish.

Carlos Bolivar fine Art Print Exhibition Before

Carlos Bolivar Fine Art Exhibition final image


Learn from the New York Times where you can find Fine Art Exhibitions here. I love visiting art exhibitions wherever I go.

Also, here is some interesting information about art exhibitions



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