This is My Process to Create a Movie Poster

Making movie posters is fun and can help work on creativity. I made this movie poster inspired in the new movie starring Will Smith “Gemini Man.” Once I knew the concept I wanted to work on for this movie poster, I took some self-portraits in my living room using two different out of camera flashes and strobes to achieve the dramatic look I was looking for. I set the flash with a grid modifier pointing toward the right back side of me and a Godox AD200 with an umbrella modifier to illuminate my face.

Once I got the portraits I needed for the movie poster, I used Adobe Photoshop to blend the images using the mask tool, making them black and white, except on my right hand, and I added the text as a final touch. I made the canvas 11 x 17 inches to have a good enough size to print it and have a good quality print. Here is the final result.

Check out this website to find movie posters and get inspired to create your own.

Helpful Link:

How To Make Movie Posters To Promote Your Film


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