About Me

I’m Carlos Bolivar

Being born in Colombia taught me to fight for what I want to have and who I want to become. every morning of my childhood we woke up and as we got ready to go to school, my dad would get ready to go out and somehow find a way to get enough money for some food and rent.

Those rough moments formed who I am today, a person who never gives up, someone who sets goals and fights for them, a creative mind always seeking new perspectives and finding solutions to challenges, a storyteller.

I use writing, photography, graphics and video to convey messages that will generate impact and to “celebrate what’s right with the world” as National Geographic DeWitt Jones said.


“Our vision controls our perception, and our perception becomes our reality” DeWitt Jones

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My Skills

I am creative, my passion is to create content that will make a difference. I want my content to be inspiring, professional, effective and especially that tells a story.

I’m a person full of ideas and I work hard to brings those ideas to life and create original content. My strong areas are Photography and Cinematography including video and image editing, I also do graphic design. 

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Content Strategy
  • Graphic Design

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